BACK ON LAND and it’s time to get my biking-legs back as I had to trade them for my “sea-legs” for the last month! I had an unexpected trip come up with work that none of our employees/biologists were able to do so lucky me had to drop everything in my life and spend a month at sea on a fishing boat (it’s tough being cut off from everything and everyone for that long - no cell phone/internet access 800 miles offshore). The trip went well especially since I hadn’t done a long trip like this (29 days at sea) in 9 years! We had good weather throughout the trip, good fishing and overall a safe trip. No seasickness - YAY! Guess it’s like riding a bike, something you get back into and get use to again right away.

Even though I hadn’t been biking in the last month, my 6-month mark into this car-free commitment occurred while I was at sea. Hard to believe it’s already been 6 months! Where does the time go?! Still don’t miss my car and surviving just fine without it - biking (of course), taking public transportation, carpooling and I guess we could call last month “boat-pooling”. At this point I don’t see myself rushing out to get a car once my year is up. 

In other exciting news…before I left for my trip I had applied for a scholarship to become a League Cycling Instructor through Women on Bikes SoCal (a cycling advocacy group based in Long Beach with the goal of increasing the number women riding bikes). I’m happy to report that I was selected as a candidate for this program and am very excited about the opportunity. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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